nobuyoshi araki

nobuyoshi araki

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Jungle Club

Designer: Robert Hurlbut

RISD Thesis 2014

Photographer: Benjamin Langford

whatttttttt this is so amazing ;_;

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Anonymous: alright m8 it's ryan with my monthly/seasonly check up - after a little over a year wearing nothing but black i have recently began incorporating colors into my wardrobe once again. i have discovered that earth tones truly accentuate my luscious brown caramel skin. anyways m9 hope july is treating you well and you don't decide to kill yourself anytime soon. ttyl~

this is a big step, i have always wanted to incorporate earth tones more into my clothing… my current wardrobe is so monochromatic it would make the old ryan proud

also please give me ur email or something so i don’t have to answer these in public </3 but i hope you are doing well too 

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Nam June Paik - TV Garden (1974)


Nam June Paik - TV Garden (1974)

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A cityscape in sunsetOsaka, Japan. 2013


A cityscape in sunset
Osaka, Japan. 2013

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